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First meet The Dirty Doctor possibly one of Best Independent Photographers, Film makers and Producers on the Web today, The Doctor is no stranger to the Internet and has been posting his work on various sites for many years working with some of  the best Mature Models and actresses in the business today, there’s plenty of Girl/Girl and Boy/Girl action, interracial Fucking, Outdoor Sex, Blowjobs and some Awesome Cum Shots.


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Trisha’s Friends

Welcome to Trisha’s Friends, here you will see some of the Hottest Horniest & Filthiest Mature Women on the Web today and the best bit of all is their all my Friends and I get to play with them all the time. So Guys now’s your chance to take a look at what they get up to when they’re not Playing with Me and some of them are even Dirtier Sluts than I am, Now can you believe that ? But Don’t take my word for it, Take the Picture Tour and see for yourself FREE.


Auntie Trisha’s

I’m your Auntie Trisha, you know the one you always found attractive the one you fantasized about while masturbating, yes I know what you were up to, I saw you looking at my legs and trying to catch a glimpse of my stocking tops, and why was it after visits from you, that my underwear drawer was always in a mess and my dirty knickers seemed to disappear from my washing basket, I bet you really enjoyed sniffing them, well let me tell you a little secret I’m not the sweet and Innocent Auntie you thought I was, underneath my prim and proper appearance I’m a Wild Cougar a Hot and Horny Mature woman who just can’t get enough wild and steamy passionate sex.



Hot Mature Trisha

Welcome to my website, now you're here take the tour and have a good look round and see what I have to offer, I guarantee you wont be disappointed. But Guys I really am one of the Hottest, Dirtiest, Matures you are ever likely to meet, or what is it we are called now not MILF's it's Cougars, I like that it brings out my animal passions.